Wood Burning Stove Accessories

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Wood Burning Stove Accessories are often overlooked by new and veteran wood stove users alike.

They can make the difference in being happy with the function of your wood stove, and being disappointed with it.

Here are some of the best accessories that will help you to get the most out of your wood burning stove.

Wood Stove Blower

Wood stove blowers come in many different styles.

Some can only be used with wood stoves designed to have a mounted blower while others can be used with multiple applications.

Some wood stoves are designed to have jackets or other ducting that with the use of a blower will allow them to heat more air for your home.

Hot air can be blown directly into the room or can be vented into the heating ducts for forced hot air.

This can greatly increase the wood stove’s ability to heat larger homes allowing it to be used as the sole source of heat.

It can also allow them to be placed out of the main living area without impacting their ability to heat the whole house.

Other wood stove blowers like the Magic Heat Bottom Crimp Heat Reclaimer are mounted in the chimney pipe above the wood stove. 

Magic Heat Bottom Crimp Heat Reclaimer

The Magic Heat collects heat in the flue gases that would normally be lost in the chimney emissions.

A UL listed fan blows air through the unit and back into your living environment. 

Blowers like these help to increase the efficiency and flexibility of your wood stove.

Wood Stove Thermometer

Wood stove thermometers are one of the most often recommended wood burning stove accessories.

Keeping your wood stove operating in the right temperature range is important for both its efficiency and longevity

Understanding the optimum operating temperature for your wood burning stove will ensure that you avoid potentially dangerous conditions

Allowing your wood stove to burn at too low of a temperature for an extended period of time creates excess creosote and increases the chances of a damaging chimney fire, especially in masonry chimneys

Burning your wood stove at too high of a temperature will reduce its lifespan and can damage components during over firing.

Wood stove thermometers offer an inexpensive and foolproof way to ensure your wood stove is operating in the proper temperature range. 

Heat Powered Wood Stove Fan

If you have never used a heat powered wood stove fan the claims of increased efficiency may sound far fetched, but nothing can prepare you for their performance.

This is a wood burning stove accessory that superpowers your wood burning stove.

Heat powered wood stove fans use the heat differential between the wood stove top plate and the air above the wood stove to create an electrical current that powers one or more fans. 

Since they produce their own electricity, they are freestanding units.

They do not require any electrical connection and are not equipped with one.

You simply place the unit on your wood stove top and allow it to get to work.

Heat Powered Stove Fan

When they do get to work they are like a supercharger for your woodstove.

By increasing the flow of air across the top of the wood stove, it is able to interact with a larger volume of air and push heat into the room instead of up

This changes the normal air currents created by the wood stove and keeps more of the heat where you want it instead of on the ceiling.

This is the best performance upgrade you can make to your wood stove and one of the easiest.

Wood Stove Log Handling Tools

Log handling tools are an important consideration when you are thinking about wood burning stove accessories. 

Burning logs produce large amounts of heat for your living environment.

That same heat makes them dangerous and difficult to manipulate when you need to move them in or into your wood stove. 

Fireproof or heat resistant gloves are an important accessory for any wood stove user.

They allow you to open and load the wood stove as well as use tools like pokers and log tongs without burning yourself.

A good pair of wood stove gloves will help you to safely complete any task needed in the general operation and upkeep of your wood stove.

Having a good fire poker is very useful.

Look for a one piece poker, they are much more durable and easier to use.

Many of the lower quality pokers on the market are made with a threaded rod with a screw on tip and handle.

This type is difficult to use and can be dangerous as the threads do not lock the head or handle in place and they will break free, spinning at the least opportune times.

This can result in unexpected rapid shifting of the low quality poker when force is applied to it to move a log.

Such movement can cause unexpected impact with the wood stove risking damaged glass or cast iron plates.

Note - Consider buying your fire poker from a local blacksmith shop if one is available.

The quality and function of a handmade poker is much better than the big box options. Supporting local artisans is a win for everyone.

Fireplace or wood stove tongs are also common wood burning stove accessories.

Like pokers, they are often sold in sets of varying quality and functionality.

Inferior tongs do not grip logs well and can be dangerous resulting in the loss of control of a burning log.

This causes many wood stove users to abandon the use of tongs altogether.

This is unfortunate because tongs can be very helpful when adjusting or loading logs. 

Without a good pair of tongs certain jobs have to be done with a poker or a fireproof glove, resulting in less than ideal levels of safety.

Wood Burning Stove Accessories - Overall

Wood burning stove accessories are about having the right tool for the job.

Whether it is increasing efficiency or safety the right accessory makes all the difference.

Choose wisely and you will have something that will last you for many years to come.


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