About Me - Nick Greenway

Ever since I bought my first home back in 2004, I learned heating bills can quickly become a burden on your finances.

Living in rural Michigan with frigid winter temperatures, I only had the option of propane as a fuel source which didn't come cheap.

It was clear to me that I needed another option to keep my house warm, and firewood became my new obsession.


I was instantly hooked!

No more worrying about the propane running out, or keeping the thermostat set to an uncomfortable temperature just to save money.

I was consumed with learning everything thing I could about firewood and creating the perfect fire.

Why Create A Website About Firewood?

In 2012 I decided I wanted a way to pass along the information I learned so I could help others benefit from the knowledge I gained.  So, I created Firewood For Life and have never looked back.

Since then I've published over 350+ firewood related articles, reviewed a wide range of chainsaws, axes and equipment, and written multiple plans and how-to-guides to help people like you get the most out of their firewood experience.

I don't know everything.....and the topic of firewood is definitely a topic of different opinions. 

What I offer is real, honest information and opinions on products and techniques I feel are valuable and important

Experiences that have worked for me, and I'm confident they will work for you.

I truly appreciate you taking the time to review my website. It has been a great experience and something I enjoy working on every day!