Survival Fire Starters

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Survival fire starters are not just for the hardcore outdoor enthusiast.  

In fact, almost anyone can benefit from having a fire starter on hand.

Of course, if you love the outdoors or go hiking a lot you probably already have a fire starter packed in your survival kit.

Lets face one ever plans on being lost in the woods or stuck outside on a dangerously cold night.

A hot fire not only provides a way to cook food or boil water, it's also a moral booster and gives you a sense of security.

There's just something about fire that makes us feel safe.

Your vehicle, a survival kit inside your home or even your tackle box are all great places to store a fire starter.

You may not ever need to use it, but they're invaluable if you ever need one.

So what options do you have?  

If you've ever searched for fire starters you'll quickly find there are a lot to choose from.  

So many different makes and models can make things confusing.

Survival Fire Starter Choices

To make things easier we've created a list of popular choices.  Click on one of the links to learn how to build a fire using the listed tool.

Ferrocerium Fire Starter - Also referred to as ferro rods or Firesteel, this is probably the most common and user friendly fire starter available.  

Magnesium Fire Starter - Magnesium is popular because magnesium shavings will light even after the magnesium block has been submerged in water.  Find out how to use one here.

Flint And Steel - A fire starter that has been around for hundreds of years but actually starting a fire using flint and steel may be harder than it sounds. Read here for tips and tricks for using this device.

Fire Piston - A unique device that actually uses compressed air to light the tinder.

Fresnel Lens - Small, lightweight and cheap.  Learn how to use a credit card magnifier to light a fire.

Waterproof Matches - Learn how to make your own waterproof matches using simple items found around your home.  

Plus, we have a full review of commercial waterproof matches found at your local department stores.

How To Make Char Cloth - Learn how to make your own char cloth using some cotton and a small metal tin. It works great, plus it's easy to do!

Birch Bark Fire Starter - Found naturally in the forest, birch bark is one of natures best natural fire starters. The bark burns really well and you can even light it when it's wet!  

Learn where to find birch bark and how to process it to make the perfect survival fire starter. 


You don't have to be an expert in wilderness survival to reap the benefits of a survival fire starter.  

Choose a tool that best fits your needs and learn how to use it to effectively start a fire.

Once you have your "tool of choice" pack it into your survival kit, vehicle or backpack.

Hopefully you never need to use it, but it's always nice to have one around.


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