Firewood Rack Assembly Instructions

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These firewood rack assembly instructions create an easy way for anyone to build a rugged, durable and dependable outdoor firewood rack.

The easy to follow, step by step instructions with 3D illustrations are perfect for both novice or experienced builders.

You don't need to be an experienced builder to construct your own firewood rack, just follow the plans.

In fact, a majority of people can complete the project in about 1-2 hours making this the perfect weekend project!

The only thing you need to supply are a few basic tools, some screws and 6 treated 8' 2x4's which can be found at your local hardware store.

9 Pages Of Instructions
Every Detail Explained

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Using these detailed firewood rack assembly instructions makes building a firewood rack quick and easy.  

Plus, after downloading the firewood rack assembly instructions you can print them off and take them with you to build the firewood rack.  

The average assembly time is usually under an hour.

Proper firewood storage is essential for a clean burning, hassle free fire.

You want to enjoy your fire, not continually mess with it!

"My grandson and I made two of these.  It was so easy.  Thank you!"

- Susan

"The instructions were simple and easy to follow.  I made this firewood rack over the weekend and it turned out great!"

- Jeremy

A firewood rack allows you to neatly stack your firewood close to your home while keeping it elevated off the ground, reducing moisture and the possibility of insects.

Dry or seasoned firewood lights easier, burns hotter and is safer to use than wet, damp firewood that smokes and sizzles.

Firewood that rests on the ground can soak up ground moisture leading to mold and decay.  

Firewood that is placed in a firewood rack allows fresh air to flow around and under the stack keeping your firewood dry.

Firewood should never be thrown into a pile.

Plus, the neatly stacked firewood not only looks nice, it also allows you to easily place a cover over the top layer of wood, sheltering it from rain and snow.

Remember, it's important not to completely cover your firewood stack.

Firewood needs fresh air movement around the wood to keep it dry. 

Firewood Rack Assembly Instructions

Our firewood rack assembly instructions contain easy to follow, step by step directions making it simple for anyone to build a firewood rack.  

Our firewood rack design has been the most popular do-it-yourself firewood rack on the internet for several years and it's still growing in popularity.  

Here's what's included:

Our 9 page instruction booklet with step by step instructions and 3D illustrations for easy assembly.

The instruction booklet explains every detail of the assembly process.

Just follow the steps and you can build your own firewood rack in about an hour!

Easy To Follow Instructions
Every Detail Explained

If you have access to a power drill/driver, a saw, drill bit, tape measure and a pencil you can build this firewood rack!  

Just pick up some outdoor screws and 6 treated 8' 2x4's from your local home improvement store and you can build a quality firewood rack that will last for many years.

Your finished firewood rack will measure approximately 99'' long by 12'' wide allowing you to stack and store approximately 1 face cord of firewood 4 feet tall by 8 feet long.

Finished Firewood Rack

Start Building Your Own Firewood Rack
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Plus a 30 day money back guarantee!  If you're not completely satisfied with our plans for any reason we'll refund your total purchase price.

After your payment, we'll email you with a link to download the assembly instructions.


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