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How To Season Firewood - 10 Tips For Dry Firewood

Want to make sure your firewood is ready for winter? Here are 10 how to season firewood tips.

Continue reading "How To Season Firewood - 10 Tips For Dry Firewood"

Firewood Rack Assembly Instructions - Build Your Own Log Rack

Use these easy to follow firewood rack assembly instructions to build your own rugged and durable outdoor firewood rack.

Continue reading "Firewood Rack Assembly Instructions - Build Your Own Log Rack"

Removing Ashes From A Wood Stove - The Clean Way Without Dust

Removing ashes from a wood stove is a concern for many people. Find out the best way to remove ashes without creating a mess in your house.

Continue reading "Removing Ashes From A Wood Stove - The Clean Way Without Dust"

Firewood Storage - Best Ideas and Tips

A firewood storage guide describing useful techniques for keeping your firewood dry and ready for use.

Continue reading "Firewood Storage - Best Ideas and Tips"

Kiln Dried Firewood - A Premium Firewood?

Kiln dried firewood has been heat treated in a firewood kiln to reduce moisture and kill any insects or larvae. Find out more here!

Continue reading "Kiln Dried Firewood - A Premium Firewood?"

Campfire Cooking - How To Cook Over A Campfire

Campfire cooking is a fun, enjoyable addition to any camping trip. Here's 7 tips to help you create a great meal or snack.

Continue reading "Campfire Cooking - How To Cook Over A Campfire"

United Kingdom - Epic Tree Care

Epic Tree Care is a team of qualified, experienced and skilled Arborists. We specialise in the most difficult and dangerous tree surgery of urban gardens,

Continue reading "United Kingdom - Epic Tree Care"

Bandit Model 65XP Wood Chipper Review

A full review of the Bandit model 65XP wood chipper. Learn how well the chipper actually works and whether or not it's worth the money.

Continue reading "Bandit Model 65XP Wood Chipper Review "

Cast Aluminum Chiminea - An Informational Guide

Information about styles, maintenance and what to look for when purchasing a cast aluminum chiminea.

Continue reading "Cast Aluminum Chiminea - An Informational Guide"

Sawbuck Assembly Instructions - Firewood Cutting Rack

These sawbuck assembly instructions create an easy way for anyone to build a strong and durable folding rack for cutting firewood.

Continue reading "Sawbuck Assembly Instructions - Firewood Cutting Rack"

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