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Hults Bruk Splitting Axe Review - Sarek Model

A full review of the Hults Bruk splitting axe. Is the Sarek the perfect axe for camping or splitting firewood? Find out here!

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Building A Holz Hausen - Beehive Firewood Stack

Learn how to stack firewood using the Holz Hausen method. Is this popular European style better than stacking firewood in rows? Find out here.

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Campfire Can - Build The Perfect Fire Every Time

Use the Campfire Can to make building the perfect campfire quick, easy and hassle free! Each Campfire Can is water resistant and holds enough fire starters to build over 40 campfires, just supply the wood!

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Firewood Measurements - Firewood Cord Calculator

Firewood measurements such as a cord, face cord or rick can be confusing. Use this free firewood calculator to determine exactly how much firewood you have.

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Firewood BTU - Chart and Information

Do you want to know what species of wood creates the most heat? Check out our firewood BTU chart!

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Sawbuck Assembly Instructions - Firewood Cutting Rack

These sawbuck assembly instructions create an easy way for anyone to build a strong and durable folding rack for cutting firewood.

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Sweet Gum Firewood - Good For Burning?

Learn about sweet gum firewood. Is it a good firewood choice? Find out here!

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Decorative Logs - Make Your Fireplace Look Great

Using decorative logs can change an old, dark and dirty fireplace into a beautiful and creative focal point in your home. Read here for great ideas and tips.

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Chimney Cleaning Logs - Do They Work?

Do chimney cleaning logs work to remove dangerous creosote from your chimney flue or are they a waste of money? Find our here!

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Cast Aluminum Chiminea - An Informational Guide

Information about styles, maintenance and what to look for when purchasing a cast aluminum chiminea.

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