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Buying Firewood

When buying firewood it is important to get good quality firewood at a fair price. The most cost effective way to heat with wood is to cut your own firewood but sometimes that's not always possible.

Whether you don't have the trees available to you or you simply run out of time, purchasing firewood may be your only option.

Once you decide to buy your own wood you need to consider what type of wood you want to buy.  

For example do you want green firewood or seasoned firewood?

A softwood or less desirable species should cost less than a good quality hardwood.

Seasoned hardwood is generally sold at a premium price because it is ready for use immediacy after delivery.

Your Choices When Buying Firewood

Compared to a softwood, hardwood burns longer and hotter, resulting in more BTU's generated to heat your home.  Read here to learn more about hardwood vs softwood.

Some suppliers offer green firewood at a discounted price while others may sell it as seasoned. Inspect the wood to make sure it's the quality described by the supplier. If you purchase green firewood, make sure you have enough time to let the wood season before using it. Read here to learn more about green firewood.

How much does firewood cost? That all depends, so read here about the price of firewood.

Firewood Measurements

How much wood do you need? How much are you really getting? It's important to make sure the supplier is delivering the correct amount of wood.

If the wood is delivered and just thrown into a pile it will be hard to determine how much wood is actually there. Some suppliers will stack the wood as part of the delivered price while others may charge extra. Having the wood stacked upon delivery will insure you a getting what you paid for.

Do you need a lot of firewood? Consider buying bulk firewood for a better price!

Buying a truckload of logs for firewood is a great way to quickly process a winter's supply of wood.  Read this article to learn how.

Firewood is sold in two basic measurements, a cord and a face cord. Depending on where you live a face cord could also be referred to as a rick. The standard firewood measurement recognized everywhere is the cord. Other measurements vary by location and may not be consistent with each other.

Read here to learn more about a face cord of firewood or a rick of firewood.

Read here to learn more about a cord of firewood.

Where To Buy It?

Firewood can be purchased almost anywhere. A lot of people supplement their income by selling firewood and others sell firewood as a business. Knowing where to look can make the process of buying firewood much easier.

Do you plan on traveling? Buy your firewood locally to help prevent the spread of firewood diseases.  One option is to buy your firewood from a local department store. Read here for our thoughts on buying packaged firewood.

The time of year the firewood is purchased will also make a difference. If you wait until the last minute to look for firewood to buy, you'll find it's harder to locate and the price may go up due to the demand. A good rule of thumb with firewood is to plan ahead. Think about your firewood in the spring, not the fall. By doing this you will find it's a lot easier to buy firewood at an affordable price.

Read here to learn about firewood suppliers.

If you sell firewood and really want to increase your profits a firewood kiln might be a great choice.  Read here to see what they are and whether or not you need one.

If you don't want to spend a lot of money on firewood this year you can always look for free firewood.  Read here for our top 5 ways to find free firewood.

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