Firewood Gloves

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Wearing a good pair of firewood gloves is important when moving, splitting or even stacking firewood.  

Why wear gloves?  

Handling firewood is rough on your hands. Gloves help protect you from splinters, cuts and blisters.

However, if you've worn gloves in the past you've probably realized a couple things.  

First, a majority of gloves wear out too fast

After using them a few times they start to rip and before you know it your thumb or index finger is poking through.

Second, it's hard to find a glove that's thick enough to protect your hands but thin enough to hold onto an axe or chainsaw.

Firewood Gloves - Your Options

Leather firewood gloves are probably the most popular choice for handling firewood.

They can be purchased at any local hardware store and there's always a lot of options to choose from.

However, it seems like no matter which brand you buy or how much you spend, eventually they wear out

After going through two or three pairs of leather gloves a season, it starts to get a little expensive.

If you're dead set on using leather gloves for firewood here's a little trick that will help them last longer.  

Wrap a layer of Duct Tape around the fingers.  Sure, it looks a little different but it actually works. 

Atlas Fit 300 Rubber-Coated Gloves

In my opinion the best gloves for handling firewood are the Atlas Fit 300 gloves. 

The palms and finger tips are dipped in rough textured rubber creating a lot of protection against abrasion, but they are still pliable giving you great dexterity.  

The backside of the gloves are a cotton nit which allows your hands to breathe and they have an elastic nit wristband that fits snug around your wrist preventing wood chips and other debris from getting inside your gloves.

At first I was a little hesitant on switching to a different style of glove after wearing leather for so many years.

However, after finally making the switch I don't regret  it.......these gloves are great!

Not only do they last a lot longer than leather gloves but they are pliable and fit snug around your hands.  

They are much more comfortable than leather gloves and best of all they're cheaper.


Just like leather, the latex dipped gloves are sold by a lot of different companies but I've found the Atlas brand gloves work the best and last the longest.  

Plus, if you need a warmer glove for the winter you can purchase the Atlas Therma Fit gloves which are basically like the 300 model only warmer.

The Therma fit gloves have an extra layer of thermal material inside to keep your hands warm in the winter while still proving dexterity and abrasion resistance.

Additional Uses For Latex Dipped Gloves

Latex dipped gloves can be used for just about any chore, so even if you're not cutting firewood you can still use them to protect your hands.

They work great when using hand tools like a shovel or rake to prevent blisters from forming on your hands.

I also love to use them as mechanics gloves when working on cars or small engines. 

Here's a tip for using the gloves for engine repair, use an older pair of gloves if you have them because the dexterity is better.  

After a while the latex on the palms and fingers will become thinner and more pliable which makes holding on to small wrenches or bolts a little easier.

In fact, I just wore a pair yesterday while repairing a snowblower that needed a new pull cord and spark plug.  


If you're looking for a great pair of firewood gloves that are inexpensive, last a long time and protect your hands, the Atlas 300 rubber dipped gloves are a great choice.  

Once you try them chances are you will never go back to wearing leather gloves again.


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