Husqvarna 50 Chainsaw

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A versatile machine, the Husqvarna 50 chainsaw debuted in 1982 as the company’s first general use saw.

It is lightweight, yet powerful, making it one of the company’s most popular older model chainsaws and a good choice for someone who needs a reliable saw for tree trimming, felling trees, and cutting firewood.

Before we get too far into the particulars of the Husqvarna 50 chainsaw, we need to explain that there were actually three variations of the Husqvarna 50.


After the release of the initial Husqvarna 50, the company released the Husqvarna 50 Rancher in 1983 and the Husqvarna 50 Special in 1989.

All three editions of this machine have stood the test of time and remain favorites among homeowners, farmers, and ranchers. 

The History Of Husqvarna Chainsaws

As a leader in the chainsaw industry, Husqvarna products carry with them the high reputation of this Swedish-based company.

Husqvarna, a company with a history dating back to the 17th century, is renowned for its diverse range of outdoor power products, with chainsaws being among its flagship offerings.

Established as a rifle factory in Husqvarna, Sweden, in 1689, Husqvarna transitioned into manufacturing a variety of products, including bicycles, motorcycles, and eventually outdoor power equipment. 

In the chainsaw industry, Husqvarna has solidified its reputation for producing high-quality, reliable machines suitable for both professional and consumer use.

The company's chainsaw lineup encompasses a broad spectrum, ranging from lightweight models for homeowners to robust, professional-grade saws designed for forestry and tree care.


Known for incorporating cutting-edge technology, Husqvarna chainsaws often feature innovations to make the user experience safer, easier, and more comfortable.

With a commitment to durability, performance, and innovation, Husqvarna has become a trusted name in the world of chainsaws, catering to the needs of arborists, loggers, and homeowners alike.

The Science Behind Husqvarna's Numbering System

The numbering system of Husqvarna chainsaws can be somewhat misleading.

The number in the name of the chainsaw, for example the Husqvarna 50, does not indicate the size of the chain or bar, but rather the cubic capacity of its motor

The Husqvarna 50 has a motor with a cubic capacity of more than 49.

The actual recommended bar length can range from 36 centimeters, or 14 inches long, to 50 centimeters, or 20 inches long

Is The Husqvarna 50 Chainsaw Right For You?

When looking to add a chainsaw to your collection of power tools, a pre-owned model can be a cost-saving solution.

The key is to find a saw that is in excellent working condition and is powerful enough to suit your needs.

Quality-built Husqvarna saws are made to last so you can often find well-maintained used Husqvarna 50 chainsaws on the market that will give you years of use.  

When you are shopping for a used chainsaw, the first thing to consider is how you plan to use it.

You don’t need a machine that is too large and powerful if all you need it for is to trim tree branches.

The Husqvarna 50 chainsaw was designed to be a good middle-of-the-road saw that is durable enough for farmers and ranchers, as well as for homeowners with a few acres of land to maintain and some firewood to cut.

Things To Consider When Purchasing A Chainsaw

After you have identified your needs, you can look at other considerations, such as the power, safety features, ease of use, ease of maintenance, and cost to fit those needs.

To learn more, let's take a closer look....


Power of The Husqvarna 50 Chainsaw

The Husqvarna 50 chainsaw has a two-stroke, air-cooled engine, as is common in Husqvarna chainsaws.

With its 49-cc engine, the Husqvarna 50 has a maximum output of three horsepower.

The one-cylinder engine has a displacement of 48.7 cubic centimeters, or 2.92 cubic inches.

The cylinder bore is 44 mm, and it has a 32 mm piston stroke.

The engine runs at 2,50 RPMs when idling and a maximum free engine speed of 12,500 RPMs.

Under load, the maximum engine speed is 8,400 RPMs.

This chainsaw is good for light jobs like trimming limbs or pruning but can handle larger tasks like cutting firewood. 

Safety Features

The safety of their products is a top priority for the Husqvarna company.

The company has outfitted their chainsaws with innovative safety devices to help prevent accidents and injuries.

Since the Husqvarna 50 is an older model, it does not have all the latest safety features that a brand-new chainsaw has, however this model does come equipped with a chain-brake system and an anti-vibration handlebar system.

Inspect and test the safety features on a pre-owned chainsaw before you make your purchasing decision.

As always, adhere to the safety guidelines listed in the chainsaw’s owner’s manual and exercise common sense when operating these machines. 


Ease of Use

Husqvarna 50 chainsaws weigh about 13 pounds, so they are easy enough to carry through the woods or across your pasture.

As with the newest safety features, many of the comfort features found on today’s chainsaws are missing from the Husqvarna 50.

The anti-vibration system on the Husqvarna 50 means you can cut wood all day without the chainsaw rattling your bones.

This model has a fuel tank capacity of 600 ml, or 1.27 pints.

When it is time to refuel, the saw takes a 40:1 fuel oil ratio with regular octane fuel and two-stroke chainsaw mix oil. 

Ease of Maintenance 

Even with their superior designs and durability, one of the hallmarks of Husqvarna chainsaws is their ease of maintenance.

In fact, the design engineers wanted to make it simple for owners to service their own chainsaws.

With that in mind, the filters, spark plugs, and flywheel are all easily accessible.

You don’t need to be an experienced mechanic to do the routine maintenance on your saw.

The directions are in the owner’s manual, or you can find a YouTube video to take you through the process.

Don’t worry if you aren’t ready to tackle your own chainsaw maintenance.

There are plenty of small-engine mechanic shops with skilled mechanics who can help.

Replacement parts for the Husqvarna 50 are easy to come by, too. 

What's The Cost Of A Husqvarna 50 Chainsaw?

You can find Husqvarna 50 chainsaws in good condition and with plenty of life left in them.

Just peruse online marketplaces, Ebay, and newspaper classifieds.

Depending on the condition of the chainsaw, you can pick up a Husqvarna 50 for anywhere between $100 and $200.

The average price hovers around $150.

Husqvarna 50 Chainsaw - Overall

The Husqvarna 50 – either the original model, the Husqvarna 50 Rancher, or the Husqvarna 50 Special – is a well-built, durable, reliable chainsaw that has proven itself to be a versatile and hard-working machine over the last four decades.

Whether you are looking to fill your pick-up truck with firewood or you need to trim the trees on your farm, the Husqvarna can be an asset to your power tool collection. 


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