WoodOX Sling Review

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This WoodOX Sling review is designed to give you a detailed experience of a product that's designed to make moving firewood easier, faster and safer.

Let's face it, hauling firewood is a daunting task.

Especially as the firewood burning season drags on and you're on your 40th or 50th day straight of hauling firewood into your house.

Although I love heating my home with firewood for many reasons, I do get tired of carrying wood from my firewood rack (that's about 40 yards from my home) up to the wood stove.

When it's below freezing and there's snow on the ground I'll typically fill up my plastic Jet Sled which holds a couple days worth of firewood and simply drag it up to my covered porch where it can sit until I need to fill it up again.

However, in the fall or spring when there's no snow I usually just haul it up by the armload. 

Not only does this take a lot longer, it's also really hard on my back.

I've used some really nice log totes throughout the years but they're all basically designed the same way.

Kind of like a grocery bag where you can only use one hand and the weight makes you wobble from side to side as you struggle to carry it.

When I saw the innovative design of the WoodOX Sling I was really excited because it was a completely new way of hauling firewood that actually distributes the weight across your upper body as opposed to dangling down by your legs on one side.

So this spring I was able to test out this new design and here's my results.....

WoodOX Sling Review

When I used the typical log tote design in the past I found myself holding the tote with one hand and trying to prop the loaded bag up on my hip as I walked to help reduce some of the weight.

Or I would try the two handed approach with the tote in front of me, but that just made walking more difficult.

This WoodOX Sling review was enjoyable because of its impressive design because it eliminates all the common issues associated with hauling firewood with a tote.

The WoodOX Sling is manufactured by the same company that produces the LogOX 3-in-1 Forestry MultiTool

I've used the LogOX for the last 2 seasons and I absolutely love it! 

I use it primarily as a cant hook which makes rolling large logs really easy.

In fact, this spring I cut up some huge rounds that I never would have been able to move without the LogOX. 

It performed great, didn't bend or break, and is clearly a well made tool

To learn more about the LogOX you can read a full review here.

So, I had high expectations that the WoodOX Sling would be equality as durable and well made as the LogOX.....and it was.

The sling design resembles a messenger bag which drapes over your shoulder and upper body

Plus, you put your arm through the sling which helps hold the firewood even closer to your body and hip area.

The strap on the sling is adjustable so no matter how tall or short you are, you can achieve the perfect fit.

WoodOx Sling Review - My Experience

The WoodOx Sling is made out of a very durable cotton canvas and the product is produced in the United States. 

It also comes with a small LED flashlight that attaches to the sling which gives you light, but doesn't tie up your hands.

After just one use it's easy to see the sling style design is much easier to use compared to the old style log totes.

WoodOX Sling

I was able to carry more wood with less effort, and more importantly it didn't hurt my back because the weight was centered over my body. 

Plus since it has a sling design, my hands were free to open doors and even slide off my shoes without any issues when I brought the wood inside.

I was initially concerned during my WoodOx sling review that the sling style design, with its open sides, would allow bark and debris to fall inside my house when I took the wood out. 

However, I didn't have any issues

I found that if you keep your arm inside the sling and use your free hand to unload the wood, pretty much all of the bark stays contained within the sling. 

Then after the wood has been unloaded you simply walk outside, take your arm out of the sling while it's still draped over your shoulder and the wood debris will just fall to the ground. 

You can even brush it out real quick with your hands and the sling is ready for use again.

WoodOx Sling Review - Overall

Overall, it's safe to say the innovative design of the WoodOx Sling has made moving firewood from my wood shed to my wood stove easier, safer and much more enjoyable. 

While carrying firewood will always be a chore I despise, this device has made it easier to move large amounts of wood with less effort......who could ask for more?

Although it's a little more expensive than a cheap $20 log tote, in this situation you get what you pay for. 

A quality product that works great and will last for many years, which in my opinion is worth every cent.


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