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Firewood Cart

A firewood cart is a fireplace accessory that helps you move large amounts of firewood with less energy.

Using a cart will make it easier to haul firewood from your wood shed to your house or outdoor wood furnace by hauling more wood with fewer trips.

Standard carts vary in design depending on the manufacturer.

They generally are designed to hold up to 200 pounds of firewood and have large pneumatic tires to make pulling the cart easier.

The large air filled tires allow the cart to move over rough terrain or up steps and into your home.

The carts are often slim and lightweight allowing them to easily fit through a standard doorway.

Benefits Of A Firewood Cart

If you have ever carried firewood by the armload you know that it can be back breaking work. Trip after trip can be time consuming, exhausting and hard on your body.

Most people who have used a cart agree that it's a great investment

Log Caddy with Cover

A cart can also be beneficial in moving other items other than just firewood.

Livestock feed, household items, tools, and many other things can be easily moved with the cart making it a great multi-purpose tool.

The carts are designed to be filled with material, tilted back on its wheels and then pushed or pulled to your destination depending on your preference.

Some carts also come with an optional nylon style sling that fits over the cart. The sling is designed to limit the amount of wood chips and dirt from falling off the cart and into your home.

How Much Do They Cost?

A decent cart will cost anywhere from $50-$200 depending on the style and manufacturer. They can be purchased at many local stores but many varieties can be found online.

Even though the initial investment can seem like a lot, over time I think you'll find it was money well spent.  The amount of time you save hauling firewood will be substantial and best of all your lower back won't hurt as much!

Whether you are hauling wood to your truck or taking it up to the house, a cart can make the job faster and easier. A good quality cart should last several years and is a great investment especially if it seems like you are constantly carrying firewood.

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