Fire Glass

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Fire glass is quickly becoming the most popular component used with your existing gas fireplace or gas fire pit.

It's basically the modern-day replacement for ceramic log sets or lava rock.

What makes it so different?  

Instead of the flames coming up through fake logs or lava rock, the glass gives the appearance of dancing flames on top of sparkling, multi-colored pieces of broken glass.

These traditional items put into a fireplace are not visually appealing if they are not burning.

They are dull in color, and they accumulate soot after burning for a prolonged period.

The colorful and vibrant display of sparkling flames is what makes using glass so popular.

Fire glass is an excellent addition to your landscape.

The amazing colors of the glass will impress any visitor and there are several ways in which fire glass can be applied.

While it is developed to be utilized in a fireplace or a fire pit, fire glass is great to add to any area of your home.

It will make a vivid addition to walkways, plants, and other areas.

Fire glass is also safe to use.

However, you should use it as directed by the manufacturer to ensure your safety.

What Is Fire Glass?

It is tempered glass manufactured in either small, broken shards or small rounded pebbles.  

The glass is tumbled and smoothed to eliminate any sharp edgesand it is available in a variety of different colors.

It's not just common glass found around your house or inside of a window.  

Fire glass is designed to tolerate high temperatures without the glass melting or becoming discolored.

Fire glass is also resistant to soot.

It won't pop, it won't smoke, and it provides a constant flow of radiant heat.

The fire glass works as filler for your fireplace or fire pit.

It is designed for aesthetic purposes and does not fuel your fire.

That means it will not burn without another source of fuel like gas.

Most individuals think that fire glass will burn like charcoal without any other fuel.

That is not how the glass is designed.

It is meant to flare up your fireplace or fire pit.

What Type Of Fire Glass Should You Use?

There are two types of fire glass that you can choose from: tempered reflective glass and recycled glass.

Each type is made using a different process.

They are suitable for different fire appliances or locations, depending on how you use them.

The reflective fire glass is ideal for fire applications as it is more likely to cause injuries than recycled fire glass.

When starting any fire pit or fireplace project, it is crucial to understand the design you want and how you can achieve that goal efficiently and accurately, or what your options are.

For your new natural gas or propane burner scheme, the anticipated aesthetic must be considered carefully as various styles of glass offer different results.

To have a genuinely beautiful fireplace or fire pit, use fire glass that matches your décor or adds some color to areas that look dull.

The glass comes in various sizes and colors.

You can choose a color and size that match your decoration goals.

How Much Do You Need?

Most manufactures recommend between 2 to 4 inches deep inside your gas fireplace or gas fire pit.  

For larger applications like an outdoor fire pit, you can use cheaper lava rock on the bottom covered by about 2 inches of the glass to help save money.

Since the glass will completely cover the lava rock, no one will know you're using the lava rock as a filler.

The glass is typically available by the pound.

1/2 Inch Reflective Tempered Fire Glass

To determine how many pounds you will need, simply measure the inside dimensions of your fireplace or fire pit. 

Nearly every manufacturer has an easy-to-use calculator that will automatically determine how much glass you need to purchase to properly fill your space.

Once you have the glass in place, simply hold a lighter over the glass and slowly turn on your propane or natural gas — the results: a beautiful, modern-day fire that's sure to attract attention.

Use In A Wood Burning Fireplace?

No, fire glass is only designed for use in a gas fireplace insert or a gas fire pit.  

You cannot use it in a wood burning fireplace or wood burning fire pit unless it has been converted into natural gas or propane. 

Fire glass is inflammable. That means it cannot start a fire if you try to light it.

It is not meant to be a source of fuel for your fireplace or fire pit.

Rather, it is used as a decorative material on top of the fireplace or fire pit to produce a more stylish, clean appearance.

Where To Use Fire Glass

In addition to your fire pit or fireplace, fire glass is suitable for use in various places in your home.

It looks similar to natural rock used in a plant rock bed.

It provides a much more interesting appearance and spruce up the design of your home.

Any area of your home that includes dirt or rock can use fire glass.

It can be used to line concrete patios and sidewalks.

The color of the glass adds an extra element to the design.

Using fire glass in your garden can add color during the months that plants do not have flowers.

That way, your landscape will always look beautiful, even during the cold months when plants look dull.


Fire glass is a great way to turn an old, boring gas log set into a modern, colorful focal point in your home or backyard.

It's relatively inexpensive, lasts forever, and it's easy to install!


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