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Using decorative logs inside your fireplace is a great way to turn an old, dirty space into a creative focal point for everyone to enjoy.

A fireplace is a great addition to any home.  

The relaxing warmth of an open fire is hard to resist.

However, unless you live in an extreme northern climate a majority of people only use their fireplace a few months out of the year......or even less.

Or, in a different scenario what if your fireplace is damaged and you don't use it at all?

Either way you're stuck with a sooty, dark hole in your living room that many people consider an eye sore.

So what can you do to make your fireplace look great when it's not in use?

Let's look at a few popular options that will change this unused space into something you can be proud of.

White Birch Decorative Fireplace Logs

White birch, commonly referred to as paper birch, is a great choice for sprucing up an old fireplace.

White birch is popular because it's prevalent in many areas and the thin, bright white bark makes the wood look very clean.

White birch is beautiful wood.  

Although it's not the best firewood choice for home heating purposes since it's relatively lightweight, it's the perfect choice for decoration.

One of the easiest ways to to use decorative logs is to simply create a "fake fire."

Start by thoroughly cleaning out your fireplace, removing any ashes or soot.  

You don't have to get it perfect, just make sure it's clean.  

If your fireplace grate is old and worn, replace it with a new one.

Depending on the size of the fireplace grate they will usually range between $15-$40.

Replacing a worn out grate is an easy step and it will make your fireplace look a lot better

Next, take your birch logs and simply lay them in a decorative fashion.

The white bark will help brighten up the area and the stacked logs inside your fireplace will make the room look cozy and inviting.  

If you plan on harvesting your own birch logs there are a couple of things you should be aware of.  

First, the thin white bark on the exterior of the wood is waterproof.  

In order to dry out the wood and prevent mold or decay you'll need to split the wood to make sure it's dry.

Another thing to consider is the presence of insects.  

Although not all wood will contain bugs, it's always a possibility you could bring insects into your home.  

The easiest way to obtain nice birch logs is to just buy them.

Ordering good quality birch logs from a reputable supplier will save you a lot of hassle.

The logs will be clean and ready for use. 

White Birch Decorative Log Set for Fireplace

Plus, since you're not going to burn them you can use them over and over.

Look for a supplier that offers clean, bright logs.  

The wood should not contain a lot of dark spots and the bark should be solid and not peeling or flaking off, although a small amount of flaking is normal.

Decorative Logs Without A Fireplace

If your house has a fireplace that does not work or a vacant space that could use a rustic touch, try filling the space with whole logs stacked in a row.

This decoration method works great inside a fireplace that never gets used and you need to hide the dirty interior walls.

You can use any type of firewood you want to fill the space since you'll only see the ends of the wood when it's completely full.

Just like any other method, make sure the firewood is clean and dry.  

Plus, you'll want to make sure the wood is all cut to the same length to make it look neat and uniform.  

You can also lightly sand the ends of the wood and even apply a transparent stain to the wood if you never plan on burning it. 

Decorative Logs - Overall

Decorative logs are a great way to make the dirtiest fireplace appear clean and ornamental.

Whether you use your fireplace throughout the winter or it's broken and just collecting dust, consider sprucing it up with one of the decorative ideas above.  

You're only limited by your own creativity!


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