Cooking With Skewers

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Cooking with skewers is one of the easiest ways to prepare a quick meal or snack over a campfire.  

A skewer is simply a thin metal or wooden stick used to hold pieces of food together.  

The "skewered food" is then placed over a fire and allowed to cook.

Skewers can come in all different shapes and sizes.  

The 2 most common types of skewers are either the long metal rods commonly called a "hotdog fork" or the smaller wooden or metal skewers used to make a shish kabob.

Skewers are great because they allow you to cook almost anything.  

They require very little maintenance and they're almost a necessity for any camping enthusiast. 

The Hotdog Fork

A wooden hot dog skewer is probably the most primitive ways to cook over a campfire.

We've all walked out into the woods and found the "perfect stick" to roast our hotdog with over the fire.

Finding a straight, thin branch that's still green enough not to catch on fire and whittling a point at the end to pierce a hotdog is all part of the camping experience.  

For some reason a hot dog just tastes better cooked this way.

32 Inch Extendable Forks for BBQ at the Campfire

While this method has worked for a long time, don't overlook the newer stainless steel hotdog forks which are available at many department stores.

These long stainless steel skewers are great for cooking over a campfire.

They're long enough to keep your hands safely away from the fire and the metal construction offers strength and easy cleanup.

The stainless steel construction will last for years without rusting and they are usually pretty affordable.

Shish Kebob Skewers

The kebob is a cooking method that originated in the Middle East and has spread world wide.  

Now commonly called the shish kebob, it's a fun easy way to cook interesting meals using a variety of different foods.

Step 1 For Making A Great Meal

Choose either a metal or wooden skewer.  

Metal skewers are reusable and work great if you're only cooking for a few people.  

To prepare the metal skewer, simply wipe it down with a thin coat of oil to prevent the food from sticking to it.  

If you choose the use the less expensive and disposable wooden skewers, soak them in water for around 30 minutes before use to prevent them from burning up during the cooking process.

Step 2 - Cooking With Skewers

Marinade your selected meats and vegetables in whatever marinade you enjoy.  

Chicken, beef, onions and peppers are always a favorite around our house.

Be sure to cut the pieces into equal sizes to ensure equal cooking times. 

Final Step Before A Great Feast

For cooking a kebob over a campfire, use a campfire grill to suspend the kebob's over a hot bed of coals.  

The natural smoke from the fire will add additional flavor to the meal.

Of course, if you want you can also cook them on a traditional grill.


If you enjoy camping or just like cooking with wood, don't overlook the possibilities of cooking with skewers.  

With just a little bit of work you can create a meal the whole family will enjoy.


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