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Campfire Grill

Whether your a camping enthusiast or just enjoy the occasional backyard fire, a campfire grill is a fun and easy way to prepare a meal.

Let's face it, cooking over a campfire is great but you can only cook so many things on a hotdog fork or skewer.  Sometimes you just need a bigger device that allows you to cook food in larger quantities.

Or what about cooking a steak?  Wouldn't it be nice to turn your campfire into an instant barbecue grill?

Well you can.....and it's easy if you use the right device.  

Plus when cooking over an open fire it gives you the opportunity to cook with woods like apple, pecan, almond or even mesquite to add delicious flavoring to your meal.

With so many different options on the market I'll admit, choosing the right camping grill can be difficult.  So, before you rush out and make a purchase let's compare a few different options.

How To Choose A Campfire Grill

Camping grills are available in all different shapes and sizes.  The first style we purchased was an inexpensive folding model constructed from lightweight metal.

At first glance, the device looked pretty functional.   The folding design allowed for easy storage and since it was lightweight I figured it would be less weight for me to carry to the campsite.

After a few meals I quickly realized we needed something better.   Here's why.....The folding design was very unstable.

I found it hard to keep the device open without the legs shifting and collapsing on itself.

Also, the height is not adjustable so unless you decide to pack along some cement bricks, the food is to close to the fire and the lightweight metal warped from the heat.

In the end the lightweight folding design was just too unstable and the thin metal didn't last.  It was a disappointing purchase.

The Perfect Grill Design?

I had the opportunity to cook some hamburgers over a different, much better style of grill called the Wimpy's Swing-away Campfire Grill.

What a difference!  The grill worked great!  Here's what I really liked about the grill.  

It's easy to set up and easy to install near your fire pit or campfire.  An adjustable chain allows you to raise or lower the cooking surface depending on the amount of heat you need.

When it's time to flip your food simply swing the grill away from the fire. No more burning your hands over the flames or getting a face full of smoke.

Plus, the grill has a large cooking surface and it's made from strong, sturdy materials.  Not like the cheap flimsy folding grill I mentioned before.

Wimpy's Swing-away Camping Grill

If you're looking for a quality, sturdy grill with the added luxury of being able to swing your food away from the fire when it's time to flip or serve your food the Wimpy's Swing-away Camping Grill is a great choice!


Are you interested in cooking almost anything over your next campfire? Do you want a large, stable cooking area that's easy to set up and will make your camping neighbors jealous?  

I strongly suggest looking into a good quality camping grill.   

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