Firewood Weight

Firewood weight is determined by two different factors.....the density of the wood and the amount of moisture it contains.  

For example, a dense hardwood (hickory as an example) will weigh more than a softwood (pine as an example) because a cubic foot of hardwood has more mass than a cubic foot of softwood.

Green firewood is wood that has been freshly cut which naturally contains moisture from the tree.   Seasoned firewood is wood that has been cut and allowed to dry, reducing the moisture content of the firewood to around 20 percent or less.

Seasoning firewood can take around 6 months to a year depending on the species. Oak, a popular firewood choice, can take up to two years to fully season.

Depending on the species, a cord of green firewood will generally weigh 70 to 100 percent more than a cord of seasoned firewood.

The best time to cut firewood is during the winter or in the early spring before the sap starts to run.

If you cut down a tree that is fully leafed out, allow the tree to rest until the leaves become crispy.  This will allow the leaves to draw out as much water as possible from the tree before you process it, reducing the overall moisture content.

Firewood Weight Chart

Take a look at our chart describing various trees which are popular for firewood use.  

You'll notice by looking at this chart there's a pretty big difference in weight when you compare certain types of firewood.

Additional Tips

Splitting the wood after you cut it will expose the interior of the wood to the wind and sun allowing it to dry faster.  Generally, the smaller you split the wood the faster it will season.

Stack the wood on pallets, blocks or 2x4's.  This allows air to circulate under the wood and prevents ground moisture and insects from penetrating your stack of firewood.

Seasoned firewood lights easier, burns hotter and produces less creosote than wet or green firewood.  For best results, plan ahead.  Cut your firewood early and let the sun and wind dry out the wood before you attempt to burn it.  Trust me......burning seasoned firewood makes heating with wood a lot more enjoyable.

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