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Campfire Popcorn

Campfire popcorn is a fun and delicious snack to cook over the open fire. Camping is a past time enjoyed by many people and one of the best things about camping is the food.  

There's nothing better than food cooked over an open fire....it just tastes better! Incorporate the relaxing atmosphere of a campfire with homemade popcorn and you have the perfect camping treat.

You can buy popcorn cookers specifically designed for cooking popcorn over the open fire but it really isn't necessary.  Some heavy duty aluminum foil, oil, salt and popcorn are all you need.

It's important to use heavy duty aluminum foil.  If you try to use the standard type of foil it will just burn through when it's exposed to the open flame.

Do you want to add a little twist to the "original" popcorn recipe?  Try adding some additional flavoring and see what you think.

Making Individual Popcorn Packets

For individual packets of popcorn you will need the following supplies and ingredients:

1.  About 18 inches of heavy duty aluminum foil

2.  About 2 tablespoons of popcorn

3.  About 1/2 to 1 tablespoon of oil

4.  Salt to taste

5.  Traditional roasting stick

Lay out the aluminum foil and add the popcorn, oil and salt.  

Next, fold the corners of the foil together, folding them over a couple times to get a good seal.  Make sure you don't wrap the foil to tight.  You must leave room for the popcorn when it's popped.  

Now, stick the end of a roasting stick into the folds of the aluminum foil at the top of your pouch.

Next, set the foil in the hot coals until you hear the oil sizzling and popcorn starting to pop.  When you hear the oil sizzling, lift the pouch off the direct heat and start to gently shake it to prevent the corn from burning.

It should only take a few seconds for the corn to finish popping.  When you hear the popping slow or stop......your popcorn is done.  Just be careful when opening the pouch because the steam will be very hot and it could burn you.

That's it.....your popcorn is done and ready to eat.

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