Husqvarna Chainsaw Will Not Start

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It can happen at any moment.

You get ready to go to work, but your Husqvarna chainsaw will not start.

It doesn’t want to turn over, it struggles to show any sign of life at all, and you’re stuck. 

This ends up becoming increasingly more frustrating as you try everything that you can think of, but your chainsaw still won't start. 

We’re going to explore a list of different reasons why your chainsaw is falling short.


From big problems to small ones, there’s always a fix. 

Let’s get to work and help you have your chainsaw up and running in no time.

Common Reasons Why A Husqvarna Chainsaw Will Not Start

Let’s say you’ve already gone through all of the proper ways to start your Husqvarna chainsaw, but it still won’t budge.

The choke is engaged, you’re yanking for your life on the starter cord, and everything is lined up correctly.


There are some major and minor issues that can be the hidden culprits behind your Husqvarna chainsaw not starting.

Here are the spots to start.

Human Error

The most common reason why a Husqvarna chainsaw refuses to start is simple human error.

You may have missed something along the way like engaging the choke, or not pulling on the starter cord hard enough

Everyone’s been there.

You realize what’s going on and feel ridiculous when you discover how simple it was.

All you need to do is go through the process in your head step by step, or to make things easier you can learn how to start a Husqvarna chainsaw here.

This will help you double check everything is in order and that you aren’t missing anything. 

Always start here.

It takes the least amount of work and you're likely to find the problem pretty quickly.


Chainsaw On The Wrong Setting

If the choke isn’t engaged into the proper setting, your Husqvarna chainsaw will not start. 

The choke allows for the carburetor to get a higher concentration of fuel during the starting process, which helps a lot in cold starts.

If you’re trying to start the chainsaw with it at half-throttle, you are letting in too much air and it may struggle to start.

Just remember to always move the choke back to the idle setting after it starts as it can flood the engine if left in the starting position and not run efficiently.

Fuel Issues

Sometimes you’re getting back to your chainsaw after a few weeks, or even months, of not using it at all.

This is when you may want to check your fuel. 

It may not seem possible, but fuel has a shelf life and it won’t combust properly if it’s been in the tank for too long

Always use the fuel you put into your chainsaw within 30 days.

Ethanol congeals and can clog fuel lines, which is an easy way to get a chainsaw that won’t start. 

It’s recommended that you use a higher grade gasoline that has a low ethanol content as it will decrease the amount of carbon that will build up in the carburetor, leading to further issues. 

Another thing to check is the oil to fuel ratio.

Husqvarna uses a 50:1 gasoline to oil mixture, so if you’re mixing your own fuel, that can be easy to mess up.


Damaged Fuel Line

If your fuel is brand new and there’s no sign of congealed ethanol in the fuel lines, it could be another fuel line issue. 

Over time these components are used and abused heavily, so it’s not uncommon to find a damaged fuel line.

This will stop the fuel from ever making it to the carburetor, making it a useless attempt to start the chainsaw. 

You’ll also want to examine the fuel bulb for cracks (if your saw has one).

Any break in the system can decrease the pressure that’s required for good combustion, aka a chainsaw that will start.

Clogged Air Filter

Since Husqvarna chainsaws are used in such dirty conditions quite often, your air filter can easily get clogged.

This just means it’s been doing its job, but you need to keep up on your maintenance. 

If the engine can’t get air, it won’t run.

A clogged air filter is easily replaced and will greatly improve the performance of the chainsaw.

Faulty Spark Plug

Spark plugs are the source of ignition for the combustion process.

If you have a spark plug that isn’t working, that means your chainsaw definitely won’t start

The solution is easy.

Remove the spark plug and examine it for buildup between the two electrodes.

There should be space in between the two, and if they’re connected, nothing will work.

This is a cheap and easy fix that will get your Husqvarna chainsaw back up and running.


Spark Arrestor Is Clogged Or Damaged

Over time, the combustion process will leave a mass amount of carbon buildup in your carburetor.

If this gets to be too much, it won’t have the space for combustion to happen and your Husqvarna chainsaw will not start. 

You can take the engine apart and clean it out, but if you aren’t confident in your mechanical skills, a shop will get it done for you for a small fee

Try using additives to decrease buildup in the future.

Sea-Foam is a popular favorite amongst many mechanics.

Flooded Engine

Maybe you’ve left the choke in the start position, or you’ve just been cranking on the starter cord for ages.

The engine can quickly become flooded in both of these scenarios. 

To fix this, you need to remove the spark plug and clean up any fuel that hasn’t burnt.

Then, pull on the starter rope 6-8 times to help clear up the area. 

Put the spark plug back in place, and you should be good to go!


Ignition Coil Issues

Any problem with an ignition coil will stop your chainsaw in its tracks. 

The ignition coil is what provides the necessary spark for the entire process to begin.

It’s a series of coils that work together to create that spark, and if there’s a break in the continuity, you can end up without any spark. 

The best way to know if your ignition coil needs replacing is to use an ohmmeter.

This will give you a quick answer and you’ll know if that’s your problem, or to keep looking.

Husqvarna Chainsaw Will Not Start - Overall

Husqvarna produces a quality chainsaw that's built to withstand some very tough conditions.

However, without proper maintenance your saw will eventually start to stall, or not start at all.

Try these simple solutions and you'll be back to cutting in not time at all!


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