Firewood Storage Rack

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A firewood storage rack is a device used to hold your processed firewood.

After the wood is cut and split you need to have a place to store the firewood until you're ready to use it.

Simply laying the firewood on the ground is not sufficient.

Firewood that comes into contact with the ground is exposed to moisture and insects.

Wet wood can decay and can also grow mold and fungus.

You do not want to bring mold and fungus covered logs into your home and burn them.

To protect your hard work and investment, stacking your wood on a firewood rack can help keep it dry and free of unwanted insects.

Metal racks can be purchased almost anywhere and generally come in either 4-foot or 8-foot options.

You can also buy a kit that contains brackets to easily assemble your own rack.

Of course, you always have the option of making your own from scratch using a few 2x4's or other building materials.

Firewood Racks Are A Must-Have Accessory

A firewood rack is a crucial necessity to properly store your firewood to season for efficient burning.

Do not just throw your firewood on the ground and call it a day.

Consider getting a wood rack for the most practical and ideal firewood storage in your home.

Firewood racks will keep your wood organized and dry. They serve dual purposes:

As A Firewood Storage Piece

A wood rack will help keep your home neat and orderly.

8 Foot Firewood Log Rack with Cover

It will also make your firewood easily accessible.

When you stack firewood properly on a rack, it will enable continued air circulation and proper seasoning.

As A Firewood Holder

A firewood rack will keep your firewood clean and dry.

Dirty firewood does not burn well; it is susceptible to rot and attracts bugs and pests.

If you burn rotten firewood, it can cause health risks in your home.

Storing firewood in a wood rack prevents your firewood from getting dirty and absorbing moisture, which makes your wood burn hotter and produce less smoke.

That will prevent your chimney from getting dirty, saving you maintenance money.

Homemade Firewood Storage Rack Plans

I built a homemade firewood rack next to my outdoor wood furnace a few years ago.

The bulk of my firewood is stored about 80 yards away from my furnace.

Carrying firewood across the lawn every day was time consuming and a waste of energy, so I decided to build a device close to the wood furnace that could hold about two weeks worth of wood.

This way, I only needed to move firewood once every two weeks, which is much better than every day.

Now, ideally, you would want the wood furnace next to your primary firewood storage area, but in my case, this was not possible, so I came up with this idea.

The rack is built out of 4x4's for the corner posts, and 2x6's for the base covered by deck boards. 2x4's make up the rest of the structure.

The firewood storage rack is 4 feet x 8 feet and stands 5 feet tall.

All of the lumber used was treated.

I started by setting the 4x4 corner posts.

They are cemented in the ground to add stability and prevent them from bowing out when the stacked wood is pressing out on them.

Next, I constructed the base out of 2x6 lumber.

I chose 2x6 due to the heavy load of the wood being stacked upon it.

As you can see from the pictures, the lawn slopes off towards the woods, so the base is actually suspended and not resting on the ground.

The base is covered with standard deck boards.

The rest of the horizontal and vertical supports are made of 2x4's.

They serve as support for the rack but also give me something to stack the wood up against.

Finally, I added two 45-degree supports on the front corners to keep everything square.

Once the rack was finished, I added a coat of deck stain to match my nearby deck and protect it from the weather.

The firewood storage rack works great and saves me a lot of time.

I load it full of wood using my tractor about once every two weeks.

Now, instead of carrying the wood 80 yards, I only carry it a couple of feet.

Indoor Firewood Storage Rack Ideas

Having a fireplace or a wood-burning stove is a luxury during the cold months.

Here are some unique ways to store firewood to keep your home looking chic and stylish.

A Component of the Décor

A wood rack in your living area is a big part of the room. A firewood rack that matches your walls complements the walls and a big timber fireplace.

Big Metal Boxes

Metallic frames are set up on one side of your fireplace. 

The combination of materials (metal, brick, and wood) adds an attractive, cozy feel to your space.

Cabinet Replacement

You can customize your inbuilt lower cabinets with an opening to make a good-looking log holder.

Make Your Rack a Piece of Art

You can customize your wooden rack to provide an artsy ambiance. A small compartment can hold kindling wood, while a large section supports a large stockpile of wood.

Color Match With Your Pallet

You can have a fireplace wall makeover to make your stockpile of wood part of your interior décor.

Ensure that you have wood color components that complement the look of your house.

Let the Natural Tarnishing Emerge

To break the monotony of stone and wood surfaces, you can add a metal tub to your fireplace to hold firewood.

Metal Baskets

A sophisticated metal basket can complement your décor. Look for a metal basket that has a solid bottom to prevent wood flakes and dirt from getting on your floor.

Firewood Racks - Overall

A firewood storage rack looks excellent and keeps your firewood dry.

It also makes your firewood easily accessible and keeps it clean.

These firewood storage rack ideas will allow you to store firewood close to your fireplace, saving you a lot of time and energy.


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