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Firewood Crib

A firewood crib is a structure designed to shelter your firewood from the weather while still allowing wind and airflow to reach the firewood to help dry it out and reduce the firewoods overall moisture content.

As the cost of fuel prices continue to rise, many people are looking for alternative ways to heat their homes.  Firewood is often a popular and practical choice.  

To successfully heat your home and reap the benefits of this natural resource remember one thing.........your firewood must be dry

Attempting to burn wet, damp or green firewood is discouraging and dangerous.

Wood that is exposed to rain and snow or stored on the ground will be wet or damp when you're ready to use it.  

This wet wood will sizzle and smoke creating a poor flame that gives off very little heat.  

The wet wood hinders the combustion process causing unburnt gasses to adhere to the inside of your chimney resulting in a buildup of creosote, a dangerous substance responsible for deadly chimney fires.

Properly storing your firewood in a structure often referred to as a "wood crib" will benefit you in several ways.  

Building A Wood Crib

Before you begin construction on your firewood storage crib you should carefully determine its location.  Choose a level spot that's close to your home but don't attach the shelter directly to your house.

Firewood will draw in bugs and pests looking for a place to make a home. Keeping a short distance between your firewood and your home is always a good idea.

This picture shows a good example of a wood crib that's designed to shelter the firewood while still allowing air circulation around the wood.

It's detached from the house but still close enough for the homeowner to easily access the firewood when needed.

The structure has a slanted metal roof designed to shed rain and snow away from the firewood.  The slatted wooden sides allow wind to circulate around the firewood while adding additional protection from the rain and snow.

The floor is raised approximately 6 to 8 inches off the ground which allows air to circulate under the wood.  

The raised floor also separates the firewood from ground moisture which over time could soak into the firewood causing mold and decay.


If constructed properly, a wood crib can be a great investment.  

When building your structure, keep these tips and recommendations in mind and you will be enjoying dry, seasoned firewood for many years to come.

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