Cast Aluminum Chiminea

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Is a cast aluminum chiminea the best chiminea type?  

A vast majority of chiminea lovers would say yes.  

The durable lightweight design appeals to almost everyone and they can add elegance and entertainment to a boring backyard.

Unlike a traditional clay chiminea that can be handmade, a cast aluminum model is made from a mold.  

There's always a debate over which type is better........a clay chiminea or one made from cast aluminum.  

Clay chiminea's are really cool but they also require a lot of maintenance and you have to worry about them cracking, so the longevity of a clay chiminea is much less than a molded aluminum chiminea.

If you're not searching for the traditional look of a clay chiminea but still want something that is light and functional, the cast aluminum type is definitely something to consider.

Since they are made from a variety of different molds, it allows you to choose just about any style, finish or model you want. 

Remember to choose a size that both accommodates your needs and blends in well with your backyard layout.  

Your chiminea can either be an accent piece or the focal point.....the choice is yours!

Top 2 Picks - Cast Aluminum Chiminea

With so many different options on the market, we've narrowed our picks down to the top 2 cast aluminum chiminea's on the market today.

The Blue Rooster Cast Aluminum Dragonfly Chiminea

Made from solid cast aluminum, the Dragonfly Chiminea is large and very solid, but also lightweight.  

Plus, its aluminum design means you'll never have to worry about rust.

This chiminea is very unique because it has an antique green finish which looks amazing in any backyard.  

As with every Blue Rooster chiminea, the neck is detachable, meaning you can use the base as a grill which is really convenient.

The Blue Rooster CAST Aluminum Dragonfly Chiminea

The large opening allows you to feed your chiminea with full size logs creating the perfect scenario for roasting marshmallows, cooking hotdogs or just enjoying the radiant heat.

Standing at 52 inches tall and capable of burning standard sized logs in its 23 inch fire chamber, you're sure to love this backyard fireplace.

If that's not enough, the Dragonfly Chiminea comes with a lifetime warranty!

Venetian Wood Burning Outdoor Aluminum Chiminea

If you're looking for a little bit different style, the Venetian Cast Aluminum Chiminea can bring elegance to any backyard.  

Another absolutely stunning piece by Blue Rooster, the Venetian has a squared off firebox as opposed to the rounded belly of the Dragonfly Chiminea.

The Blue Rooster Venetian Grill Wood Burning Chiminea

Just like all Blue Rooster chiminea's the Venetian comes standard with a fully constructed aluminum body, spark arrestor, rain lid, handles to easily move it from place to place and a removable neck for open grilling.

This unit gives you the look and feel of an antique wood stove with its unique curves and style.

Setting Up Your Cast Aluminum Chiminea

A majority of the aluminum type chimineas will need to be assembled.

The assembly process is pretty basic and can easily be accomplished.

To start, choose an open, level base site.  

Never set up your chiminea on a wooden deck or other flammable surface without some sort of fire resistant barrier in place.

Next, set your chiminea on a 3 or 4 leg base that's usually included with the unit, or the round base of the Venetian.  

Grilling On A Blue Rooster Chiminea With Fire Barrier

Never set the chiminea directly on the ground.  

Most users agree the 3 legged model is easer to balance, level and use compared to the 4 legged model but it's really just a matter of preference and how level the surface is.

Look around to make sure there are no low hanging branches or awnings nearby.

Once you pick the perfect spot and your chiminea is assembled and're ready to burn!  

As with all chimineas you're going to need to cure or season it before heavy use.  

Why cure your cast aluminum chiminea?  

The process cures the paint allowing it to last longer.  

To start the curing process, build a couple of small fires with seasoned firewood and let the fire burn out on it's own.

While the chiminea is still warm, build a larger fire and let it burn for about an hour.  

It's a good idea to put a screen over the top of the neck of the chiminea.

This acts as a spark arrester and keeps hot embers from floating up and out of the chimney.  

These hot embers could potentially create an unwanted fire.

Not every manufacture includes a spark arrester as a standard option, but Blue Rooster does.

To complete the seasoning process, let your chiminea cool naturally.  

As always, read the instructions included with your chiminea.  This will ensure you complete all steps recommended by the manufacturer.  

Maintenance And Storage

If you're looking for low maintenance and portability, the cast aluminum chiminea is arguably the best model available.  

Although chimineas are designed for outdoor use, a little extra care and maintenance will allow it to last a lot longer.

One way to extend the life of your chiminea is to get a cover for it.

Use the cover to protect the chiminea when it's not in use.  

If you live in an area that has drastic climate changes you may want to consider storing your chiminea in a barn or other similar building.

Check your spark arrester once a year to ensure it's still in tact and replace it when necessary.  

This helps reduce the possibly of a stray spark starting a grass fire.

Also, some of the bolts and hardware used to assemble your chiminea may not be made of aluminum and could rust.

Tend to the rust when necessary with some heat resistant paint and your chiminea will last for many years and look great in the process.


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