Waukesha, WI - Best Burn Firewood

by Tyler M
(Waukesha Wisconsin)

Best Burn FIrewood

Best Burn FIrewood

Best Burn Firewood sells quality kiln dried firewood. We are one of the only firewood suppliers in the southeastern Wisconsin area that offers kin dried firewood.

Kiln dried firewood lights faster, meaning you won't have to deal with any painful fire starters, or waste your time trying to start a wet log.

It also is disease/bug free so you do not have to worry about any diseases with your wood. It also burns hotter than any standard seasoned wood because of the lack of moisture in the log.

Located in Waukesha Wisconsin, close by to anyone in the Waukesha county area, but we also deliver to anywhere in the southeastern Wisconsin area.

We offer mixed hardwood, oak, black locust, cherry, hickory and more!

Visit our website today! https://bestburnfirewood.com
Call today: 262-746-7416

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