Washington Firewood

by Edward Dechant
(Seattle, WA)

My first choice is always going to be a hardwood if I can find it. You almost never see quality firewood in the mountains so I take what I can get.

Cottonwood and Red Alder is what you see most abundantly as far as deciduous trees go. I find that Fir and Cedars are the most popular conifers. They burn fast and are great for kindling or heating up the house fast.

My favorite all time wood if I can find it is Black Locust. On those cold nights where you want to wake up warm I toss a well seasoned piece on and it's still going when I wake up in the morning.

Thank you Stihl for that Rapid Super (RS) Full Chisel saw chain. I run it with a 20" bar paired with the MS 391. (sorry if that looks like a stihl ad but I love my saw and awesome chain) anyway I've cut many different types of wood and keep an abundant supply of seasoned firewood.

The main thing is just to keep the firewood dry and cut it in the winter before the sap gets up into the tree. I noticed that pines especially can look like burning plastic in your stove if it's too sappy.

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