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by Brenda
(Vancouver, Washington USA)

Firewood gathered from downed trees and snags left rover from logging companies. All wood has been collected, processed and stored within a 25 mile radius of Vancouver Washington.

Supply and demand are what drive our prices and quantities available on a weekly basis. We try our best to negotiate the fairest price possible to each and every customer we sell to. Some of our wood supply is held back for families that need a hand up in heating their home. Veterans and those on fixed incomes also get a discount if they mention this ad.

Soon we will be in the procurement stages of a unique subscription model for yearly wood orders. Please let us know if this type of prepaid subscription may be of interest to you. We hope to be ready with the details of how it will save you money while we balance wood supply for Clark County. Other wood processors will be welcome to add their inventory to our original business plan.

Camp firewood
Retail bundles
Wheelbarrow load
Trunk load
Quarter/half/full cord
Single species
Custom order
Craft wood
Art media pieces
Strange and unusual pieces for flower beds or landscape art or even bird house materials
Fungus logs

Email is at
Call us at (360) 513-5331

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