Ticonderoga, NY - LukesWood.com

by Luke Winters
(Ticonderoga, N.Y. USA)

LukesWood.com is in The Adirondack Park of up-state New York in the town of Ticonderoga the land between two waters, Lake George and Lake Champlain.

Come visit the Historical site of Ft. Ticonderoga and Lukes Wood all in one day.

LukesWood.com offers "The Kings Wood" Adirondack Ash Kindling; Kiln Dried either boxed at .5 cu. ft. or bundled at .75 cu. ft. retail or wholesale.

"Ash new or ash old
is fit for a Queen
with crown of gold.
But ash wet or ash dry
a king shall warm
his slippers by."

Lady Celia Congreve 1930

LukesWood.com also offers a 42 inch long hand made 5/8 carbon steel Firewood Poker with Hexagonal shape for heft and feel fabricated by Lukes Wood here in the Adirondacks. You won't burn your hands with this one!

LukesWood.com also offers a mirror polished carbon steel kindling hatchet imported from Germany with leather sheeth to protect the blade. These two products can be reviewed on the companies website with pictures and full specifications.

Lukes Wood operates year round supplying Kiln Dried Firewood Kindling to campers and home owners either directly or through retail stores.

Contact Info. Call 518-585-7358 or E-mail info@lukeswood.com All products can be seen on www.lukeswood.com

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