Nashville, TN - Tree Solutions / Music City Firewood

by Chris Holloway
(Mt Juliet, TN)

We offer full service tree expertise including removal, trimming, tree preservation, firewood splitting and delivery, and arborist consultation. We have been providing firewood services and tree services for over 15 years.

We provide firewood for homes, businesses, and camping enthusiasts year round. We remove and season all of our wood keeping only high BTU woods that are disease free and pest free.

Any hardwood that we remove that is infected by disease or pests is immediately destroyed by burning or chipping and does not enter our firewood inventory.

On delivery, we guarantee the amount to be delivered or we will provide the customer double the shortfall. Delivery and stacking is available.

We offer quantities based on your need from small bag bundles up to full cords and all quantities in between.

Prices vary based on inventory, type of wood desired, and time of year, so call to confirm current prices.

We carry mixed firewood (ash, oak, hickory, walnut), all oak, all hickory, etc. We also carry smoking woods besides oak and hickory, such as cherry and pecan.

We can be reached at 615-840-1773

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