Myerstown, PA - Little Mountain Alternative Heating Fuels

Little Mountain Alternative Heating Fuels has been in business 4 years and is growing; we are located on Berks and Lebanon County line. Our service area is a 50 mile radius from the address below

Little Mountain Alternative Heating Fuel
2 Little Mountain Road
Myerstown, PA 17067 County

We have the following

Firewood 95.00 by the crate approximately 1/4 cord +/-
Firewood 195.00 Per Cord plus Delivery
Firewood 185.00 4 Cords or more; we can haul 4 cords at a time

Wood Bricks 250.00 per ton plus Delivery an Alternative to firewood; provides a longer burn time as well as more intense heat

Wood Pellets 235.00 per ton plus Delivery

Cherry Pits 275.00 per ton plus delivery an alternative to wood pellets

For more information go to or call

Office 717 933-9255
Mobile 717 926-8271
Email sales(at)alternativeheatingfuels(dot)com

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