Myerstown, PA - Countryside Coal and Wood

by Stewart Ebersole
(United States)

Countryside Coal and Wood sells coal, cordwood, and wood bricks.

Our coal is quality anthracite coal from the Blaschak Coal Corporation in Mahanoy City, PA. Our firewood is processed the season before and is run over dirt separators to ensure a nice, clean burn.

We also offer wood bricks that give the same amount of heat as regular firewood, but come in a cleaner, more compact form. They take up less than half the space of firewood for the same amount of heat output.

We offer free delivery up to thirty miles round trip. After that, it is $1.00 per mile round trip. Or you can come and pick up your order if you would prefer that.

Our order to delivery time are sometimes as short as a few hours.

Our coal is sold in bulk or bagged, whichever is more convenient for you. Our firewood can be bought in campfire bundles or by the cord down to a half cord. The wood bricks come on pallets for easy and compact storage.

Visit to order online or call us at (717) 430-0303 to order today.

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