Husqvarna Clutch Cover Assembly Problem

by Dustin
(Maryland )

Husqvarna Clutch Cover

Husqvarna Clutch Cover

When I removed the chain cover (clutch cover) it was extremely hard to get back on because of the middle ring (chain brake band) on the inside of the cover. I've tried everything and can't figure it out?



The problem your describing sounds like the chain brake band is engaged on the clutch cover. The clutch cover is the plastic cover that goes over the chain and sprocket area on your Husqvarna chain saw.

I believe the chain brake on the cover is engaged which will not allow the chain brake to fit back over the clutch drum. The chain brake band is the round metal ring inside the clutch cover. Once engaged, the ring reduces in size creating a binding effect over the clutch drum which is what stops the chain (safety feature).

To test this solution I pushed the front hand guard forward on my own saw while removing the clutch cover. This engaged the chain brake. When I attempted to put the cover back on it would not fit.

To fit the cover back on to the saw the chain brake band (metal ring) needs to be disengaged, making the ring bigger so it will slide back over the clutch drum.

The chain brake is engaged when the hand guard is pulled back which rotates a small, quarter sized y shaped piece of metal located on the top portion of the clutch cover. It looks kind of like a small propeller. To find this piece, turn the clutch cover over so you can see the chain brake (metal ring) and look towards the top. You should see the small metal y shaped piece I'm talking about.

If you turn the metal piece to the right (clockwise) it will disengage the chain brake. I tried to do this with my own saw using a pair of pliers and found the metal piece was very hard to turn due to the tension.

To make it easer, align the metal y with the slotted piece on the hand guard. Once the y shaped metal piece is aligned in the hand guard slot, you can pull the hand guard back (towards the handle of the saw) and it will rotate the metal y clockwise, disengaging the chain brake. It's a little tough to do, but I tried it twice with my saw and it worked both times. Just make sure to align both pieces so you don't strip or break anything.

Once the chain brake is released you can easily slide the clutch cover back on the saw for reassembly.

Additional tips:

Use an air compressor to blow away any sawdust and wood debris inside the clutch cover. Sometimes the saw dust will pack in around the chain brake causing it to constrict a little, which could also cause it to bind on the clutch drum.

I included the picture to help identify the parts and hopefully make the process a little easier for you.

Also make sure to wear a pair of protective gloves during the process.

I hope this helps!

Nick - Firewood For Life

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Feb 23, 2018
by: Allan from Canberra

You are a legend Nick and was so easy to do. I ruined the first cover and it has sat for several years.
I ordered a cover (340) from eBay locally for $17 - bargain. It arrived today with brake activated.
I googled for how to fit it and your answer was the first one I viewed.
Took me one minute to fit!

Nov 22, 2017
Simple solution saved me a trip to the repair shop
by: Tom

Very helpful post -- I'm back in business! This problem arose -- first time ever -- after my Husky 240 got pinched fast in a tree. In the process of trying to free it up, I removed the retaining nuts and loosened the cover -- with the brake engaged, I now realize (something I would never do on the bench, of course). Finally, a rescue cut from a trusty hand saw freed the chainsaw, but then re-assembly became a head-scratching challenge, with the constricted brake band and the two brake sprockets disconnected. Confession: I've never paid that much attention to the brake (which I regard as a well-intentioned nuisance) and thus never thought much about the mechanics, or that the parts could get out of sync in this way. Actually, I've only just pieced the whole scenario together, with your help. So, many thanks for the info... Ain't the internet GREAT!?

Sep 25, 2017
Husqvarna 345 - That Did It!
by: John

Like many of the commenters, I "futsed" for a while attempting to open up the spring. Damn it, if I'm having this problem, others may be too.

Sure enough, your instructions got me back to fellin' trees.

As you say, it takes a little bit of playing to engage the brake-bar cams just right, but then bingo, cover back on.

It may not be clear from your instructions, but you have to at least partially mount the cover to engage the cams.

Thank you for your help!

Feb 25, 2017
Thought I Was Crazy
by: Anonymous

Oh Lordy thank you for this, I've taken that cover off many times and never had this problem. Thankfully this advice popped up! Excellent instructions!! Thanks

Oct 16, 2016
clutch cover
by: Anonymous

Thanks! That fixed the problem.

Jul 21, 2016
clutch cover problem
by: Anonymous

Thank you for posting this. I wish I had read this before I spent about 2 hours trying to force the the clutch back on. After I read your recommendation I had my chain saw back together in about 5 minutes. Thank you once again.

Apr 07, 2016
Same issue
by: Anonymous

I'm super frustrated with my Husqvarna 240 as I'm facing the same chain brake issue. I have already broken one chain brake handle and not the y shaped metal piece. I have followed this suggestion and many others I could find on youtube and still no luck.

Why they would make this so hard to do is beyond me.

Mar 06, 2016
Excellent Fix
by: Mike

Thank you for your fix. I googled the same problem and your response came up and fixed my issue. Excellent fix and thank you for your expertise.

Nov 11, 2015
Band Inside Clutch Cover
by: Anonymous

How can I replace this band?

Oct 27, 2015
Break Band
by: John

I have the same problem on my 345. I've spent hours puttsin with that darn safety break.

The last time the heavy load spring got away from me and went flying. I didn't bother looking for it. I put all the rest of the parts back on where they belong and consider it an improvement.

I know it's a safety feature and I'm all for safety but on a saw that small I'm not to worried about kickback. My other Huskys have a better setup, and being over 5hp I wouldn't chance running them without that break. If I come across that spring I'll have to give Nick's suggestions a try.

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