Harvesting Trees In Montana

by Billy


I am currently living on an Indian reservation in Montana.

There are trees everywhere here and many people here either need wood for their older homes, or for old traditions such as sweat lodges and other ceremonies that need wood for fires.

The only thing I'm worried about is going out into the woods, cutting down trees and maybe getting in trouble for it.


Great question. Anytime you're considering cutting down trees on private or publicly owned land it's important to contact the landowner first.

In your specific situation I would start by contacting the tribal agency that governs the area you're interested in, the Montana Department of Natural Resources and Conservation or the Montana Department of Agriculture.

One of these agencies should be able to tell you whether or not you can harvest firewood in your specific area. Depending on the answer you receive you may need to purchase additional permits or pick up a map and only cut in certain areas.

If you are allowed to cut firewood in the area, I would also ask for any specific rules regarding how much wood you can harvest or which particular species. Some agencies allow you to cut dead standing trees while others only allow you to cut trees that are already lying on the ground.

By contacting the above departments you should be able to determine what's legal and you'll be able to enjoy yourself and not be worried about breaking any laws.

I hope this helps,

Firewood For Life

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