Double Hook Steel Core A-Frame Timberjack — 60in.L

by Ron

Roughneck Timberjack

Roughneck Timberjack

The Roughneck timberjack is a very good product and worth the cost if you are cutting entire trees; I have found this tool invaluable to enable the cut and to save your chainsaw chain.

I've used this on logs from 16” to 30” in diameter and it worked great. I did have to figure out how to cut the tree in half as it (or I) could not roll the entire lenth of the tree.

I don’t use the “stand” feature. I found it's easier and more effective to use it as a canthook and cut the logs 3/4 through and roll using this tool, and finishing the cut.

The 60” steel handle is extremely durable and the length gives you great leverage to roll a long(15-20 feet long) log.

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