Columbiana, AL - Columbiana Wood Products

by Kimberly
(Columbiana, AL)

Columbiana Wood Products offers oak and hickory firewood.

The majority of our customers purchase by the pound.

They drive their truck or car onto the scale, we load the length and species of choice, they drive back on the scale, and are charged with the wood received.

Our price per pound is 5 cents for oak and 7 cents for hickory.

We do offer home as well as commercial delivery. Delivered Firewood prices vary by length, volume, species, and stacking requirements. Please contact us for a quote for your specific needs.

Bundles of firewood are also available for the resale market. Our bundles consist of 1 cubic foot of firewood. These are available for pick up at any volume or delivery for 50 bundles or more.

Please visit our website at or email me directly Kimberly (at)

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