Arborist Out Of Fishers Indiana

by Ryan
(Fishers, IN U.S.)

Hello my name is Ryan. I am a 16 year high risk fell specialist and the private exterior design artist for the Western Golf Association.

We have a green home and have always burned firewood as our sole heat source for our 2800 square foot house.

Our native trees are ash, popular and oaks. We tend to fell more ash do to the emerald ash borer then anything in the Ohio Valley so that would be our choice of hardwoods to burn. It's easy to split and little to no seasoning time.

Then we're straight to black walnut and wild cherry. We stay cozy here in Indiana.

Ryan ( Powell and Sons Urban Forestry )

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Nov 04, 2018
Wisconsin Firewood
by: Home Owner

Living in rural Wisconsin with several hardwood species available I have two preferences.

The first is black cherry or hickory which I like to use in the fall and spring for the outdoor aroma. I like to burn red elm for the duration because of the little amount of ash that is left after burning.

Apr 21, 2018
Missouri Firewood
by: Brady West

For me because of where I live and the abundance of these types of trees,the answer would be HANDS DOWN red oak or hickory with white oak coming in a close second. Red oak has less moisture than white oak varieties,generally splits easier and creates a nicer smell when burning.

Aug 07, 2014
Ash Trees In Michigan
by: Nick - Firewood For Life


Thanks for your submission. It's always nice to hear everyone's comments and thoughts about firewood found throughout the United States and even the world.

I agree, ash is a great firewood choice. If I'm going to burn ash in a campfire or fireplace I prefer to let it season a little bit before trying to burn it.

I've found that even though ash has a low moisture content, some of it sizzles and smolders and doesn't burn very well if I don't let it season for at least a few months, but after that it's great!

On the other hand, if I'm using it in my outdoor wood furnace I just throw it right in and it burn's just fine.

The emerald ash borer has really done a lot of damage here in northern Michigan as well. We only have a handful of ash trees on our property (because it's pretty much all sugar maple) but as of this year I think all the ash trees are dead.

Thanks again for your submission and stay warm!


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