Tamarack Firewood

by Darrell Finnimore
(Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada)

I was raised in a family that loved to camp. Most summer evenings were spent sitting by the campfire sharing stories, having a laugh, and simply enjoying time outside away from the everyday noise of the city.

We would burn any type of wood available at the sites we camped but Tamarack soon became my favorite.

Tamarack firewood burns hot, is a very fragrant, with snaps and crackles that put on a great show for the kids (in everyone).

Often referred to as the hardest softwood - or softest hardwood, it costs a little more than the cheaper go-to pine/poplar defaults but it costs a little less than the preferred Oak/Ash cuts. All-in-all tamarack firewood is an excellent choice for fans of the pit.

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