Lubbock, TX - Fire and Ice Firewood Business

by Justin Daniel
(Lubbock, Texas)

Lots of wood

Lots of wood

Lots of wood

Another Delivery

Fire and Ice Firewood offers top quality Oak, Hickory, Mesquite, Pecan and Pinion firewood for your fireplace and your grill.

We have 16''-18'' and 22'' Oak firewood and offer large or small quantities depending on your needs.

Firewood Types Available:

Hickory Firewood
Oak Firewood
Pecan Firewood
Pinion Firewood
Pine Firewood
Mesquite Firewood

Payment Methods Accepted:



We are located just off 19th street in Lubbock across from Reese Air Force Base at 9911 County Road 6740. Plug the address into your phone or GPS and it will bring you right to our door step.

I have been selling wood for several years now and I have many happy customers.

Firewood Contact Information:

Fireplace Contact Information:

Firewood Delivery Service:

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