Pilkemaster Firewood Processors - Fastest, Safest Processor In Category

by Richard Lepine
(Montreal, Canada)

The Pilkemaster EVO line of firewood processors is made in Finland and available in the USA and Canada through a growing number of dealers.

These processors will handle wood to 14.5 inches in diameter and one person will produce one full cord per hour, easily and safely, by using one ergonomically located lever.

The Pilkemaster generally has:
- An easy-to-use log lifter (or optional log loading table),
- A feed table that moves 12-16 feet long logs forward,
- A log stopper that is adjustable to get firewood from 6 to 26 inches in length,
- A chainsaw that cannot be activated unless all is safely engaged,
- A variety of splitting knives that enables to split a piece of wood into 2-4-6 or 8 pieces.
- One can also resplit wood pieces that would be too large into smaller pieces by using two simple levers.

It also comes with its integrated conveyor that takes cut pieces into your truck, trailer or Forestry Big Bag that dealers also sell and that enable to season the cut pieces neatly, right in the bag.

The processors are powered by tractor PTO or by gas engine or they can be equipped with a combination of PTO and a gas engine.

If you want more information, you can contact Saatotuli Canada (www.firewoodprocessors.ca) at 514-922-0157 or Saatotuli USA (www.saatotuli.us) at 802-735-2537

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