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Rotating Firewood 
Question I am a disabled vet, due to extensive back problems. I purchase one to two cords of firewood a year. I have a shed to keep it dry; …

Wood Boiler Log Length 
Question What is the best log length to burn in an outdoor wood boiler? Presently, I'm cutting my wood at 22 inches. Thanks Answer

Firewood Shed Problem 
Question My firewood shed has a concrete floor with 32" concrete walls because it is built in the ground. It has a roof and has 2 walls open. …

How much mold on firewood is too much to burn? 
Question Reading your page on moldy firewood was very interesting and helpful, thanks. I have one question. You say: "For home heating purposes, …

Chiminea Lid Not rated yet
A chiminea can be a great backyard focal point. They're fun to use, interesting to look at and they're available in many different shapes and sizes. …

Rusted Hot Water Tank Not rated yet
Question We have an outdoor wood furnace. We had a sidearm for our hot water tank but we have gone through 4 tanks in less then 2 yrs. The …

Southern California Firewood Choices Not rated yet
Question We just bought a vacation home in Idyllwild California (southern California) and it has an airtight stove. I was wondering what …

Buying Seasoned Wood That's Stored Outside  Not rated yet
Question I am having a problem purchasing firewood. Because I am disabled I need the wood stacked or at least dumped into my garage enough for …

Skid Steer Log Splitter Not rated yet
Question Does anyone have experience or thoughts on log splitters for skid steer loaders? I have used a 35 ton Huskee log splitter in the …

Harvesting Trees In Montana Not rated yet
Question I am currently living on an Indian reservation in Montana. There are trees everywhere here and many people here either need wood …

Burning Scrap Lumber Not rated yet
Question I have a lot of scrap pieces of plywood and treated lumber from woodworking projects. Are they safe to use as kindling in a home fireplace …

Heating Water With A Wood Furnace Not rated yet
Question I normally only use my wood boiler for heat during the winter months. I have 2 electric hot water heaters in my house. I'm thinking …

Cooking With Pine Not rated yet
Question How safe is burning pine to cook over, not the coals but the burning wood itself? I've always been told not to cook over the burning …

Black Mold On Sweet Gum Firewood Stack? Not rated yet
Question We recently had a sweet gum tree cut down in our backyard, and my husband saved the wood to burn outdoors in our firepit and chiminea. …

Dirty Chimney From White Birch? Not rated yet
Question I was told that white birch will dirty your chimney more than any other wood....Is this true? Also, which wood should you stay away …

How Long Can You Store Firewood Outside? Not rated yet
Question How many years can I keep white ash once it's cut and split? I have the chance to get a lot of it free, but I don't use that much wood …

Recommendation For A Good Moisture Meter? Not rated yet
Question: Can you recommend a good moisture meter for checking the moisture content in firewood? Answer: Moisture meters …

Firewood Business Plan Not rated yet
Question If I wanted to cut and split firewood as a business, how do you think I could best obtain logs to make my firewood? How do you think …

Loading Firewood Not rated yet
I have a huge pile of firewood in my yard and want to load it with a tractor. If I use my bucket I pick up dirt, rocks etc. Do you know of an attachment …

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